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Astrology 101


Astrology- 101 includes a personalized Astrological Birth (Natal) Chart***


Individual interpretations will be discussed with all participants, as time allows

You will learn the basic characteristics of the planets, signs, houses and aspects

Your Natal Chart reveals who you are, your potential, weaknesses, challenges and strengths

This provides you awareness and insight for positive continuous transformation

Self discovery is therapeutic, healing and ultimately a path to Self Love


Tess is a contemporary artist, astrologer and yoga teacher. She studied with Lance Ferguson skywatchastrology.com in Austin, TX. She completed yoga teacher training in Emeryville, CA at squareoneyoga.com and Hatha Holistic Integrative Wellness (mindful art of hands-on assisting). She previously taught at Buddha-B Yoga Center in Washington, DC

Tess currently instructs Gentle, Vinyasa, Hot Power, and Restorative yoga at Day Yoga Studio on Brown St. In Dayton.


Cost of 3 hour workshop is $90



***Note: Birth time, location, & date must be provided, one week prior to workshop, in order to produce a Birth Chart. Email information to tessmuth@me.com

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