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Chaturanga Breakdown


An essential pose of vinyasa yoga, chaturanga is actually incredibly advanced and complex. Chaturanga Dandasana has been dubbed the “shoulder shredder” because even slightly sloppy form, over and over, class after class, does an unfortunate number on your tendons and muscles as well as the shoulder joint itself. This workshop is designed for beginners, experienced practitioners and everyone in between and will include:


Personalized feedback on your chaturanga

Options for modifying the pose while still building strength

Steps to safely access the posture without creating strain in your wrists, shoulders or low back

Techniques to access your breath and create expansion in the lungs creating more ease and less muscular tension

Beginners will learn to move safely with confidence and clarity by building a strong foundation while more advanced students will create a deeper awareness and refinement of this challenging pose. Everyone will walk away with a greater understanding of the importance of alignment and the confidence needed for a strong vinyasa practice.



$30 if registered by Aug. 25th; $35 thereafter


*There will be no refunds issued within 3 days before the start day of workshop. There is a $15 non-refundable deposit built into the cost of this workshop.


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