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Sacred Sound: Mantra Meditation for Centernedness and Inspiration

Sept 9th-Oct 7th

Within each of us exists the potential for boundless wisdom, compassion, and joy. But how do we awaken and experience those creative forces? For millennia, spiritual teachers, from the forests of ancient India to the mountains of Tibet, have taught mantras powerful sacred sounds to help us call forth our innate spiritual potential.

With this series, Lee brings you a guide to mantra meditation practice:

* The background and history of mantras
* How chanting can help clear the mind of mental clutter and unhelpful emotional states
* How mantras can help us evoke positive qualities of centeredness and inspiration
* Guided preparatory gentle asana to open the body and free the breath
* Guided learning and practicing selected mantras
All levels of experience are welcome. Please join Lee in learning mantra meditation practice, awakening your capacity for joy, compassion, and clarity.

Registration required. Limited to 12 participants.
Cost: $60

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