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Body Image Yoga Series: Learning to Love Yourself from Outside In

This eight week series will celebrate the uniqueness and beauty we each possess not only on the inside but on the Outside. We are taught and reminded constantly that it's what inside that counts. We are bombarded with images of airbrushed "perfect" bodies that don't exist. We are encouraged to be modest and humble if we are beautiful and to focus on our gifts if we are not the "ideal" image that society projects for us as women. But what if we celebrated each unique quality we have on the outside? What if we challenged the concept that a curvy woman can't feel good about her body image? Or a woman who is thin can't feel sexy and curvy? What if we shouted out loud, I am beautiful and I love myself. Like we did when we were little girls. In this series we will explore different topics at each gathering such as self esteem, essential oils, nutrition, sleep, meditation and learning sensuality and loving yourself. Each two hour session will have discussion and presenters and a yoga class or belly dance class. At the conclusion each woman will participate in a mini photo shoot with a professional photographer and receive an image of her choice.

This is an eight week series that will meet every Tuesday, 7-9pm April 25th- June 13th


Early bird rate $175 if registered and paid by 4/21, $200 thereafter

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