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Katie Silcox Weekend

April 27 to April 29

Tantra Vinyasa

Essential Subtle Yoga for and Empowered Practice and a Beautiful Life


Join New York Times Best Selling Author and Senior ParaYogini Katie Silcox

for one of yoga and Ayurveda’s core teachings - the gunas. All yoga is not

created equal. Wouldn’t be amazing to tailor your practice (and your

teaching) in a way that could bring about more passion, embodiement and

illumination. Different practices produce these very different qualities. In

this 3 day workshop, Katie will guide us through the principles and

practices of the sattva (clarity and illumination), rajas (passionate

transformation) and tamas (stability and embodiment). She will shed light

on how different approaches to our yoga practice influence these subtle

forces and how we can use this knowledge to address our individual needs,

unfold our higher potentials and fulfill the purpose of our yoga practice

and our life. All levels of dedicated students welcome for the entire

workshop or individual classes.


Tantra Yoga Vinyasa: Asana, Bandha, Mudra (Friday Evening Session)

Tantra Yoga views the body as a sacred altar and teaches that “worship” means learning to

gradually master the dormant force in the spine called shakti. In this workshop you’ll learn about

and experience the progression of Tantric principles and techniques––starting with accessible

asanas, then build to bandhas and finally mudras––that by activating the body’s latent forces, lead

us to ultimate freedom and exaltation.


Rajas Guna: Aspire, Empower, and Expand (Saturday Morning Session)

Through practice we activate the qualities that help us overcome inner and outer limitations.

Specific postures, sequencing, breath and Bhavana awaken the force that fuels growth and

transformation. We’ll also discuss the role of rajas and its relationship to evolution and



Tamas Guna: Stability and Grounding (Saturday Afternoon Session)

Steadiness in the midst of change and confidence in the midst of uncertainty are the hallmarks of

self-mastery and the culmination of asana. Practice will emphasize yogic techniques that lead to

being still, grounded, stable, and calm. All levels.


Sattwa Guna: Freedom and Illumination (Sunday Morning Session)

Sattwa is the balance that leads to clarity, calm, and the recognition of spirit’s effulgent light. Our

focus is on the practices that unlock awareness and the power of soul, that allow us to connect to

the Sacred and to fully shine internally and externally. All levels.

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