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May Day Yoga Flow with the Seasons

Hatha Yoga Flow with the Seasons: May Day


Flow with the Seasons, a special class offered seasonally to mark the turning of the wheel from one stage of the year to the next. Taking an introspective look at the seasonal energies at work, this class will create space for a reflective pause at this time between times, honoring the transitions and changes in the seasons and in our lives, and allowing a chance to align with this seasonal flow. This gentle yoga flow, suitable for beginners, will include some restorative poses, pranayama (breathwork), guided meditation and/or readings, and sacred mantra chant with live guitar music, featuring the music of Deep Blue Ocean of Love, Chris Roark.


May 1st marks the time of year where everything seems to be blooming and green starts to paint the landscape once more. Life with its promise of abundance and ripening is evident all around us. This transition point has been celebrated and marked by many different cultures throughout time and known by many names, such as Beltane and May Day. It is charged with the energy of growth, abundance, and the hopeful promise of fruition to come.


Cost: Drop-ins welcome and class passes are accepted. 

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