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Rrrrroll Your Shoulder Tension Away



Why be lame when you can be sane? Arrive knotty, depart oh-so-nice. We will use YTU therapy balls for self-massaging techniques to relieve tension in the tight tissues and free up more range of motion. We will explore creative movement modalities to enhance variety and novelty in the daily movement patterns.

Come to settle your spirit and un-frazzle your busy self so that you can be present, productive and pliable in life!



Give Yourself the gift of reduced pain in neck and shoulders.

Come and treat yourself to:

Your own set of YTU therapy balls

Soothing self-massage

Mobilizing stiff joints

Improved range of motion

No Yoga experience is necessary! Students of all levels are welcome.


Julia Lamm is an E-RYT, YTU Instructor and Nutritious Movement Specialist specializing in biomechanics. In her teaching, Julia blends yoga & movement to instill a sense of adventure and exploration of body function and movement with a focus on finding balance and joy through intentional and varied practice. Julia believes in self-care as the best care.



Cost: $40 workshop; $15 for the YTU therapy balls that can be purchased at the workshop. 

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