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Vinyasa Yoga Workshops

Deepen and Flow 


The first part of the session is dedicated to your practice. We will begin with a seated meditation and breathwork (pranayama) that will allow you to settle in to your practice and create a presence on your mat. The seated practice is followed by a powerful, creatively sequenced vinyasa flow practice that will allow you to experience your physical edge and grow as a practitioner. It will include plenty of focused abdominal work, inversions, twists and side-bends. Simultaneously, you will deepen your practice by working on advanced postures as your body allows and their modifications. You will learn to work with your own body more skillfully to increase fluidity, focus and flow to generate strength, openness, and calm in the body and mind.



Vinyasa Sequencing for Teachers and Practitioners


The afternoon is dedicated to becoming a knowledgeable, insightful and creative vinyasa practitioner and teacher. Information can be used to teach or create a more robust home practice. Session will be experiential and lively and learning will be based on an interactive and participatory environment.

We will explore:

• Sequencing: building themes and skillfully using peak postures

• Creativity in vinyasa sequencing

• Using purposeful, impactful language when providing instructions, direct feedback and guidance

• Integrating the core in all yoga poses—including releasing the core when possible to create depth and steadiness in your entire practice

• Linking breath and movement effectively




Cost: $25 single session; $45 for both 

Ready to Take Your Practice to the Next Level? Learn About Our Teacher Training Program

Teacher training is not just for teachers! Anyone who wants to deepen their practice and knowledge is invited to apply.