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Karina Ayn Mirsky

Karina Mirsky, MA, ERYT, is an international yoga educator and inner systems therapist. She is the best-selling author of Make a Difference and Make a Living Teaching Yoga, the director of Sangha Yoga Institute and the founder of Yoga Mindset Coaching.


Karina has been teaching yoga since 1998, and training teachers since 2004. She also holds a Bachelor’s in Business Management and a Master’s in East/West Psychology and has served as an adjunct professor of yoga studies at two universities.


Overcoming personal challenges, including surviving cancer in 2003 has made Karina a passionate and compassionate guide to others. She aims to center the experience of marginalized students, and is committed to offering decolonized, accessible, and inclusive yoga programming. Karina is also an activist in the yoga community and facilitates a support group for those who have been harmed by spiritual leaders.


In 2008, Yoga Journal named Karina one of "21 Top Famous Yoga Teachers shaping the future of yoga in America.” In 2012, she graced the cover of Yoga International. 


Karina has videos, audio, books and app content on her website. She presents in YTT programs and conferences, and trains yoga teachers in the US and at Blue Osa in Costa Rica.

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