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Michelle Stobart

Yoga has been a part of my daily life and inspiration since 1997. In 2003, because of the connected and peaceful feeling I felt after each practice, I decided it selfish to not share this with the world.  I set out to make it part of my life's work to teach others the beauty and wonder that a living yoga practice has brought me. I received my yoga training from Clayton Horton at Greenpath Yoga in San Francisco, CA.   Since then, my teachings have turned in the direction of Yoga as Therapy.   My current main teachers are Doug Keller, Richard Miller and Ray Long. 


It is my hope and aspiration to share the experiences and benefits of my own precision-therapeutic based yoga practice with as many people as I can. As I teach, I try to help people open to a greater joy and peace that comes from within and an ease of living within their own bodies comfortably. I incorporate the power and beauty of nature in my teachings, leading people into a way to draw energy from the Earth and live upon it with a lighter footprint. The more I practice and learn, the more I realized that yoga is constantly opening me in ways beyond just new flexibility and strength within my body.  My workshops and classes, through various traditional and non-traditional methods, are designed to help people begin to connect to an authenticity deep within, find their inner creativity and flow, and learn to live their yoga not just on the mat but in all aspects of life.

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