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Janet Sweeney

So, my first yoga class was at age 55!  Before that, I studied ballet and modern dance with a bit of jazz thrown in for good measure.  In my 50s, during a particularly trying time of my life, it seemed that dance was no longer a good fit.  It had always given me that sense of being centered emotionally and physically; then one day, not so much.  The brain was too preoccupied with outside influences.  Then, yoga came into my life.  While challenging in many ways, it offered me peace of mind.  From the very first class, I was hooked!  Permission, finally, to just be still in mind and body.  Thank you, universe!  My reasons for teaching encompass that feeling and wanting to share that feeling with others.


In 2012, I completed a 200-hour Teacher Training with Practice Yoga here in Dayton; mentored by Kim Carter and Kathi Kizirnis.  I’ve been teaching and learning ever since.  Throughout the year, when time allows, I attend workshops to further my study of yoga and other related subjects.  Workshops have included studies with Matthew Darling, Philip Urso, Doug Keller, David Kiel, and Holly Clemens.  My personal practice is Ashtanga Yoga and that’s also what I primarily teach; though I also have studied and teach Yin, Vinyasa, and Restorative.  Students are also teachers; we learn together.  My hope is to continue practicing, learning, and teaching throughout my life. 


When not on my mat, I enjoy traveling with my most excellent husband and spending time with our numerous grandchildren and, yes, great-grandchildren! 


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