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Michelle Hickman

I struggled with a suppressed immune system my entire childhood, and eventually my thyroid gland was removed. This small gland has a huge job like helping the body use energy and stay warm, and keeping the brain, heart, and other organs working well.   

This early experience propelled me to study biology, earning a BS in Environmental Sciences and Masters in Biology by 2000.  In 2007, my life awakened to the art of energy healing, when healing sessions began mending physical and emotional traumas that had been weighing down my life. This compelled me to leave my biology career to study energy healing practices. I gained holistic certifications for Vibration Healing, Aromatherapy, Elemental Reflexology, and Reiki in 2009.   

I’ve always been able to see and feel energy fields (biofields or auras) around plants, animals, things, and people. I can also see where biofields need repair. I’m an empath, so I often feel other people’s pain in my own body (physical and emotional) and mistook it as my own. As a result, I’ve had a long, trauma filled life! After I learned how to distinguish between my own pain and others I began to offer more focused and amazing healing. I now know my experiences have prepared me to help others heal, because now I can recognize when and where they need help. Now my interactions are more authentic. Complete strangers tell me their life story. When I walk in a room I can feel everyone there, fear and joy. Yes, it can be overwhelming but now I can hold space for people to heal and love without compromising my own health. 

While my journey began as a quest to integrate scientific knowledge with holistic practices to find healing for my life, it led me to a greater realization. My perception of energy fields and the gifts of energy healing has always been an innate part of me and were bestowed for the greater good of others.   

After years of learning, planning, practicing, letting go of insecurities, and saying goodbye to oppressive people, I’m ready to share my healing talents full time! Today I share these gifts to help others realize that energetic pathways are a part of all life; part of their lives. Sense of Healing simply brings to the surface those healing forces that are buried deep within.

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