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Emilie Jones

Emilie came to yoga in 2003 and fell in love with the feeling she felt when she left the class.  Although she didn’t start a regular practice until 2009 after having her 4 child. When she found herself in a regular practice she started exploring the different styles of yoga that lead her to the path she is one.  She loves to practice the challenging and invigorating practice of Power Vinyasa but also loves the gentle and soothing practice of gentle and restorative. Her passion is yoga therapy and the healing benefits of yoga.  In 2015 she sustained a back injury that through restorative yoga, a pranayama (breath Control) and yoga nidra were able to help her to heal. Although she still very much enjoys teaching power or vinyasa based classes since her back injury  has really delved into yoga for spinal care and healing making that a prime focus of her teaching yoga therapy. 

Emilie completed her 200 Teacher Training program in 2013 and then went on to earn her 300 hour Teacher Training Program in 2017 at Day Yoga Studio under Devon Schmidt. She feels so blessed to be at such a great studio that brings in highly regarded guest teachers to study and take workshops from. Emilie currently is the manager of Day Yoga Studio and teachers 4 regular classes a week there. She has developed a workshop for spinal care as well as a workshop for sequencing yoga classes for new and older teachers. She also has helped grow the Day Yoga Outreach Program that is bringing yoga out to the local community for those in need. This programs serves inner city schools, shelters, and the mental health community. Emilie plans to continue to grow and learn and then share her own teachings. 

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