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Austin Shook

Austin Shook has been dedicated to working with spirit and the metaphysical realm for about 12 years he considers himself an extremely lucky individual because he was born into a family that raised him with complete unconditional love. They have pushed him to express who he is and have encouraged him to be the person that he wants to be. He has dedicated his life to helping other people have the same experience. He says: “Once you find yourself, you can truly be yourself, and that’s all I want for anyone."

 His sound healing journey began about 3 years ago when he obtained his first set of singing bowls. He got the singing bowls because he wanted experiment with them at his house with his friends. Once he got home with the bowls, he quickly was introduced to several people who are sound healers in his area in Charlotte, NC. Ever since meeting these awesome souls, he quickly began performing more and more sound journeys. Eventually, not only was he hosting sound baths at local yoga studios, but he was also hosting workshops at transformational festivals across the country and also embarking on several cross country tours to share his “vibrational medicine”.

 He is also a Reiki master and energy work is another passion of his! This modality is much more focused and catered to each individual on a personal level. This is why he has incorporated Reiki into his practice as well. This modality allows Austin to utilize his body as a channel, providing Source a medium, to send balanced healing energy to your energetic centers, aligning your energetic flow and promoting healing on these levels. Austin makes it a point that all of his healing work is heart centered so that everything is digestible and pure.

Crystals are a big part of his life as well. He collects stones that range from rough and tumbled stones to museum grade specimen. These crystals are special to Austin because they hold a very similar space as us; they are so intricate in structure, have many facets and angles to look from, each one is completely unique, and they all grow without fail. Each crystal has a unique vibration and much like the sound and energy that he harnesses and uses to tune your energetic centers, crystals can also be utilized to align your chakras. After a crystal healing, one tends to feel rejuvenated, energized, clear minded, peaceful, balanced, and centered.  

You can check out some of his work or offered services at www.facebook.com/dharmaaziam 

(Long distance services are also available)


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