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Jimmy Walters

Jimmy found his way to a yoga mat in 2015 after dealing with some sports injuries and looking for a more gentle exercise to get back in shape.

He began with a 30 Day challenge at home and never looked back. “From the first practice, despite not being able to do many of the poses, I knew I was in the right place.” 

Having majored in Philosophy in college, Jimmy was no stranger to the more philosophical and spiritual side of yoga. This curiosity and desire to expand his practice to help people lead him to take up Teacher Training in 2016, and he began teaching after obtaining his RYT 200 certificate. He specializes in Restorative and Gentle but tries to get a Power Yoga class in when he can.

Outside of yoga, his hobbies include movies and reading and he works freelance IT

He is expanding his teaching schedule and looking forward to training for his 300 hr certificate in the near future.

A self-proclaimed jack of all trades; his goal is to bring yoga to everybody and show that yoga is for all shapes and sizes, no experience required.

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