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Patty Holley

Patty enjoys challenges and new learning experiences which usually requires physical training, i.e.…Marathon (51), Tough Mudder (55), winter hiking- Georgia portion of the A.T. (56), and teaching yoga (57). Cycling through trainings and workouts led to extreme soreness, insomnia, fatigue, constant recovery and never, even with professional coaching, able to find that place between too much and not enough to effectively manage fibromyalgia (or aging). Since 2007, yoga became her most consistent accessible resource for strengthening, stretching and recovery. 

During this same time, relocating for her husband’s work accelerated (8 addresses in a 5 yr period at its peak). The fun of exploring and putting down new roots was countered by the ripping away from people and places that she easily came to love. Feeling very disconnected, Patty decided to make herself a priority. Our lives change when our habits change. Yoga is timeless, and mobile as her life is split between Kentucky helping nanny for three  grandsons plus teaching at the greater Dayton YMCA, Day Yoga Studio and private/group onsite sessions while in Ohio. Through teaching (2018), she finds connection and enjoys aiding others in their journey in an ever changing, variety of ways (yin, gentle, restorative, power, Hatha, prenatal, and barre).

She is a certified/experienced 200hr yoga teacher, on track to complete 500hr advanced training (2020). In personal practice, via the challenges the mat offers, Patty is stronger mentally and physically than ever! Yoga has brought her home, mind, body and spirit, where she looks forward to more adventure.

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