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Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse

Cleanse Kick Off April 24th 6pm

Begin Spring by preparing your body and mind for the transition from the deep cold of Kapha Winter (earth energy, dense, heavy, cold) into the wet Kapha of Spring (earth energy, wet, muddy, immense growth) with a 10 Day Ayurvedic Cleanse. This is a particularly difficult transition as Kapha tends to be sticky and stagnant, but is also responsible for growth, and lubrication. It is important to cleanse the body at this seasonal transition to help reduce accumulated kapha from deep winter, and to help keep metabolism steady as we continue into Spring until Summer when Pitta dosha enters the Earth (firey and hot) increasing our metabolism and overall energy. Certified Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor and Coach, Elizabeth Hulsman will be your guide through the process.


Our cleanse includes a holistic approach including mind, body and spirit. We will kick off with a 2.5 hour session, on April 24, at 6pm. In this kick off we will go over the cleanse protocol and you will learn the basics of our cleanse including, gratitude journaling, tongue scraping, oil pulling, dry brushing, and abyhanga (For those advanced Ayurvedic students, we will have optional additional routines you may add to your cleanse days). We will conclude with a yoga session of gentle movement, into yin and restorative. This will be available on zoom, if you are unable to attend in person or need to view it later.


Our cleanse is designed to help create habits you will continue after your transition back to seasonal eating. We begin by introducing basic daily routines on day 1, eating mindfully and reducing our daily schedule this day to prepare the body and mind for our 4 day kitchari cleanse, and end with a 4 day transition into seasonal eating.


Included in the whole package price for cleanse is a 5 class pass, kitchari kit, tongue scraper, daily swish (oil pulling), dry brush, and body oil. Or choose just the cleanse option and purchase your own items for the cleanse. In addition during the cleanse we will have a Facebook group. In this group Elizabeth will post daily morning and evening movement suggestions, along with daily reminders, tips/recipes/motivation and more. This will also be a space to connect with other cleanse participants to build community and accountability during the cleanse and to reach out with questions.

Price includes a class pass, kitchari kit, tongue scraper, daily swish, grape seed body massage oil and dry brush

$70 pass, kitchari kit $42, $10 dry brush, $8 tongue scraper, $16 daily massage oil, $17 daily swish

$213 whole package cleanse

$55 just the cleanse

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