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Bhakti Yoga Weekend with Kristin Luna Ray

This workshop is full for in person. Livestream is available.

Bhakti Immersion with Luna Ray~ A Path in to the Heart

Bhakti is devotion and surrender to what is- To this embodiment, To each moment, To the ever-changing nature around and within. We chant and surrender to the pure essence of the mantra, the source, the sound, each other, and then slowly but inevitably, to every moment of our life. Sustained joy is what emerges.


In this weekend immersion with Luna Ray, we will delve in to the ancient path of Bhakti yoga through accessible techniques, theory and practice to ignite our hearts, and experience the power of connection that Bhakti reveals.


Fri. May 14, 6-9pm
Bhakti Yoga and the Power of Mantra

Mantra literally means "to protect and purify the mind". In this workshop we will explore Bhakti Yoga, and the in's and out's of mantra, from the language of, to the history of, to the science of, to the psychology of. We will learn and practice different types of mantras, and different techniques for how to effectively and accessibly use mantras, including Japa, ritual, and chant. There will be some simple asana practice.


Sat. May 15, 9am-10am
The Soul of the Voice

Within each of us is a unique and powerful voice. In this workshop, we will cultivate a safe space to explore and empower our relationship to our own voice (5th chakra-Vishuddi). We will use the practices of svadyaya (self-study) to explore and bring awareness to the inner and outer voices that surround us.


Sat. May 15, 10:30-am-12:30 pm
Bhakti Vinyasa Asana Class with Live Music

An Alive Asana and Mantra Practice combined in this 2 hour, heart opening practice. Day Yoga owner, Devon Schmidt will guide you through a wise sequence of asanas, while Luna leads mantras and music that support and accompany the movement. The sound and vibration, along with the movement, will leave you vibrating sweetly and connecting to your hearts call.



Sat. May 15, 2-5:30pm
Deepening into Mantra, Deepening into Practice

In this workshop, will delve in to the study of specific mantras, and how they can integrate in to our yoga practice. We will look at energetic effects of the mantra, and how the mythology, stories, and symbolism can serve us in our daily lives and practices. We will explore practical tools to cultivate a personal mantra practice, and different ways to incorporate mantra in a yoga class setting with your students. This session will incorporate student teaching. We will have harmoniums available to explore.



Sun. May 16, 9am-12:30pm
Saraswati: Creative Expression~Unique Voice

Each student will have a chance to share their creative yoga flow, weaving mantra and sound with asana and breathe.



Sun. May 16, 2-5pm
Bhakti Yoga - Cultivating a Life of Devotion         

This workshop will begin with a heart revealing yin yoga practice led by Day Yoga owner, Devon Schmidt accompanied by music and mantra from Luna Ray. We will conclude the session through reflection of the power and essence of Bhakti Yoga, and how we can effectively integrate it in to our everyday, ordinary lives.



Cost: Full weekend- $165 if paid and registered by May 1st; $190 thereafter


Friday evening- $35 if paid and registered by May 1st; $40 thereafter

Saturday early morning: The Soul of the Voice- $15 if paid and registered by May 1st; $20 thereafter

Saturday late morning: Bhakti Vinyasa Practice- $20 if paid and registered by May 1st; $25 thereafter

Saturday afternoon: Deepening into Mantra- $40 if paid and registered by May 1st, $45 thereafter

Sunday morning- $40 if registered and paid by May 1st; $45 thereafter

Sunday afternoon- $35 if registered and paid by May 1st, $40 thereafter 


*There is a $50 deposit built into the cost of the full weekend and $15 deposit built into single sessions. There will be no refunds issued within 30 days of the start date.  



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