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Compassion For The Spine: A Back Care Workshop


The Spine is a very delicate part of our body. Most people at one point in their life will experience back pain at some point. We as a society want quick solutions rather than understanding what it is the body needs. For this need quick solutions some may be given heavy pain medicines and or go in for surgery to find little or no relief for the pain. This is because the pain medicine disguised the issues of the spine but nothing in body movement or strengthening changed so the cause is still present. In this workshop we will take time to understand the spine and bring awareness to what maybe happening. Please note that this is not taking the place of any physician's orders.

The smaller muscles of the low back tend to overcompensate for weak muscles of the glutes and hamstrings causing damage over time to the soft tissue of the spine. In this workshop we will take time to understand the spine and what can be done to help relieve back pain while it’s occurring, how to prevent back pain from recurring, we will learn poses to help strengthen the muscles needed to protect the spine. We will explore how to move more mindfully in a yoga practice or any other physical activity as we journey through the Compassion For the Spine!



Understanding the Spine and Finding back Relief

Daily exercises to prevent back pain from recurring and becoming Chronic Versus acute

Strengthening the Muscles to Protect and Prevent long term pain

Taking a look on how we move on a day to day basis and in a Yoga Practice

After this workshop you will be given the tools you need to set yourself up for a healthy spine!


Cost: $25

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