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FUNdamentals of Arm Balances


Come explore the FUNdamentals of arm balances with Day Yoga teacher and arm balance enthusiast Sierra Bufalino. Whether it’s incorporating arm balances into your practice or building the strength to defy gravity this workshop is designed to evoke a sense of playfulness as we explore the possibilities that exists within your personal practice.

In this workshop we will learn

•How to overcome the fear of falling by learning to fall safely

•Building the pose from the ground up to combine equal parts balance, strength and flexibility

•How to avoid common injuries in wrist, elbows and shoulders through warm ups and proper managing of alignment and balance.

•Tips and tricks to create a playful space of discovery and awarnesss as we push through perceived limitations and learn the benefits of an arm balances practice.


Benefits include:

Building strength throughout the upper body


Increases blood flow from the heart

Relives spinal pressure and back pain by improving your posture

Evokes a sense of empowerment as many are surprised by what that are capable of during those first few attempts


Bring an open mind and a playful spirit and this will HANDS DOWN be an exciting challenge to take your practice from floor to flight.


Cost: $25 if registered and paid by Sept. 8th; $30 thereafter

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