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Inversions, Chaturangas and Yoga Therapeutics with Elizabeth Silas

9:30am-10:45am Chaturanga Clinic: Practice Planks & Push-Ups Without Injury

Build strength and awareness in your core, upper back, and arms so you can work safely toward full chaturangas (and creative variations). Release overworked, tight areas in the neck, chest, and low back.



- shoulders rounding down

- head leading

- neck straining forward

- low back swaying

- small twinges of pain in the shoulder or arm area (these are warnings!)

- feeling that "my arms will never be strong enough!" (they will be!)


11am-1pm Take Root to Fly: Deep Core and Inversions


Wake up your deepest abdominal, pelvic floor, and midline energy with isolating movements and breath work—then bring it all together as you turn upside down.


Maybe you’re new to handstand and headstand and want to build them slowly and safely at the wall. Or you’re experienced with inversions and looking to draw on that deeper, central channel of energy and awareness that begins with Mula Bandha to play with creative variations. In both cases, this workshop is sure to have you exploring new territory!



2:00pm-5:00pm Happy Hips: Therapeutics for Low Back, Pelvis, and Knees


Some of us have gotten tight from long hours spent sitting. Others find their joints are hypermobile, creating instability. We all need to find that just-right zone.


Therapeutics from yoga and Pilates can help you:

-prevent sciatic pain

-avoid disc herniation

-balance your mobility (or hypermobility) with strength

-release tight tissues with myofascial self-massage, PNF stretches, and/or yin approaches

-relieve imbalances that lead to knee strain


Learn how to prevent lower body strain and injury in your practice. Find ease and openness in everyday movements and positions. Let the tools and techniques of therapeutic yoga work for you, where you are, right here and now.


Cost: Full day: $75 if registered and paid before 4/6; $90 thereafter. 


Chaturanga 9:30am Session: $20 if registered and paid before 4/6; $25 thereafter

Deep Core and Inversions 11am Session: $30 if registered and paid by 4/6; $35 thereafter

Yoga Therapeutics 2pm Session: $40 if registered and paid by 4/6; $45 thereafter


* There will be no refunds issues within 30 days of the workshop date. 



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