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Mother’s Day Aromatherapy Rest & Restore Yoga


Join yoga teachers/sisters Chris Roark Sutherland and Elizabeth Roark Hulsman this Mother’s Day as we honor Ma (sanskrit word for mother) and celebrate the divine feminine within all of us. Everyone is welcome- this is an all-inclusive class! This restorative yoga class, suitable for absolute beginners and all levels of yoga practitioners alike, will include relaxation and pampering in restorative yoga poses with the body supported comfortably by props. Instead of using muscular effort to stretch and hold poses, props such as blankets and bolsters/pillows, are placed in specific ways to support the body in each restorative pose so that you do not use any effort. This allows the body to let go, take a break, and fully relax. This blissful class will incorporate pranayama (breathwork), guided meditation, aromatherapy with essential oils from The Aromatherapy Sanctuary, and mantra chant with live guitar music from Deep Blue Ocean of Love. Embrace and celebrate your inner Goddess! Take some time for yourself for relaxation and pampering. Treat that special someone who could use some peace and restoration. Everyone who attends will receive an aromatherapy gift to take home with them. In addition, mothers will receive a special gift to honor them.



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