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Whole Body Core at the Barre Teacher Training (Online Available)

October 23 to October 24

This training is offered in person and with a LiveStream option. If you are participating via LiveStream a link will be sent to your inbox within an hour of the start time. 


Saturday 9-12:30 and 1:30-5:30

Sunday 9-12:30 and 1:30-5:30


Blend deeply effective moves from Pilates, dance, and yoga into your classes and private sessions! Learn how to teach and practice:

-new variations on traditional Pilates exercises (inspired by the mat and the machine work)

-movements from modern, ballet, and jazz dance (not complicated choreography)

-deep stretches and preparations for arm balances and inversions of yoga (gradually build your confidence)

-strength and bodyweight resistance (turn it up to cardio interval training when you wish)

-targeted, therapeutic moves that pre-hab your body to prevent injury (none of us should wait for injury and re-hab to do these!)


You’ll sequence an entire class or short sections in ways that you and your students need and love. Work with what you already teach and slowly integrate new ways of moving and breathing into your mix!


Your training will include:


-sequences for one full “Basic” class, with many variations on each move to progress over time (can be taught as Barre, Yoga with Weights, Yoga Pilates, or another Fusion class)

-how to formulate effective, precise verbal cues

-optimal alignment for the key positions and movements

-how to sequence your own creative barre classes or mini-sequences

-fundamental anatomy for cueing and sequencing

-how to modify standard moves to make them accessible to new students (regressions) and harder for experienced students (progressions)

-how to pair music to movement

-ways to inspire students and create community

-observation skills – how to really see and listen to students

-verbal and (optional) physical assists

-making the most of props (and also going without them – teaching barreless barre)


Developing your deep core strength doesn't mean doing a bunch of sit-ups. It means using your whole body in creative, fun, ever-changing movements! It's not just your abs—it's your pelvic floor, those crucial hip and shoulder rotators, the little muscles between each vertebrae, and some big muscles, too (hello, lats and glutes).

It’s also about building from the smaller, simpler moves that we need into the larger, complex ones that leave us knowing we can do things we enjoy.

It’s your whole body, breath, and mind!

Tuition: $595. $100 early-bird discount when you register before October 9! Space is limited to 8, so register now to hold your spot.


There is a $75 deposit built into the cost of this training. There will be no refunds issued within 30 days of the start date. 

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Teacher training is not just for teachers! Anyone who wants to deepen their practice and knowledge is invited to apply.