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Winter Solstice Gentle Candlelight Flow


A special class offered seasonally to mark the turning of the wheel from one stage of the year to the next. Taking an introspective look at the seasonal energies at work, this class will create space for a reflective pause at this time between times, honoring the transitions and changes in the seasons and in our lives, and allowing a chance to align with this seasonal flow. This gentle yoga flow class, suitable for beginners, will include some restorative poses, pranayama (breathwork), guided meditation, and sanskrit mantra chant with live guitar music.

The Winter Solstice, marking the longest night of the year and the return of the Sun, is a perfect point to stand in between the dark and the light, to look behind and watch the things we have let go of fall away from our lives, giving them that final push and gathering the wisdom from this process. Then to look toward the future, to bring awareness to this open, waiting space within us and to let the return of the light begin to shine into our lives, illuminating the gifts that will fill this waiting space and awakening a rebirth and renewal within us. We are born anew as the Light returns, ready to embrace our gifts and to take the next step on our journey.


Cost: $20; current and active class pass holders will receive 15% off at the checkout.

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