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Pranayama and Meditation Weekend Workshop

August 3 to August 4

Saturday August 3

On the first day of this two day workshop we will explore Pranayama. Pranayama is the ancient practice of controlling the breath through specific breathing techniques. Prana means “life-force” and we will explore through various breathing practices how we can control, enhance and shift the prana or energy in the body. A regular pranayama practice can increase lung capacity, vitality and overall well-being.


In this workshop we will learn the following:


~Learn and practice various pranayama practices including nadi shodhana, ujjayi, kapalabhati, shitali, deerga swasm, 2:1 breathing, and Kumbhaka.

~Understanding the energetic calming, balancing or energizing effects of pranayama practices.

~Incorporating Pranayama into an asana practice and meditation.

~ Effectively locating and utilizing the bandhas (energy-locks) during pranayama.


Sunday August 4

On the second day we will experience different meditation practices other than pranayama including:

~Mantra or Japa Meditation

~Silent Meditative Walk

~Chakra Meditation

~Gazing Meditation (Trataka)

~Third Eye Meditation

~Sound Meditation (Nada Yoga)

~Eye Gazing

~Yoga Nidra


Other topics covered over the weekend include:


~How to get comfortable for seated meditation using props.

~Learn how to incorporate a regular meditation practice into your daily routine.

~Teachers will gain confidence teaching meditation techniques in classes.


This workshop is suitable for all yoga students or teachers. All participants will receive mala beads (prayer beads) included in the cost of the workshop.


Cost: $125 for the full weekend; single day sessions $70*

All active Day Yoga members (pass holders) will receive 15% off at the checkout. 

There are 10 hours of CEU's available through Yoga Alliance by attending the full weekend workshop. 

*There is a $30 deposit and cancellation fee built into the cost of this workshop. There will be no refunds issued within 30 days of the start date.



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