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Stephanie O'Hara

Stephanie O’Hara (RYT 200) has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. Her lifetime practice has helped her uncover the true connection between mind and body and helped center and strengthen her in all facets of life. She feels whole and alive and invincible on her mat. Growing up as a gymnast and then coaching gymnastics at the high school level, inverting on a mat was nothing new to her.  While teaching high school English in Chicago for many years, she incorporated principles of yoga and meditation into her curriculum as a way to center and focus students. When she was eventually inspired to transition her teaching from the classroom to the mat, she enrolled in the 200 RYT program at Day Yoga Studio in 2014.  

Breath, alignment and core strengthening work define her classes. Students show up to creative and lively sequencing and most likely some inversions and arm balances. She challenges her students to move beyond their perceived limitations and encourages them to find openings in body and mind to strengthen the physical and spiritual self.  

Forever a student, she will always continue to pursue education in yoga. She has had the honor to train with Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weil and Doug Swenson, along with many other inspirational teachers. Her greatest inspiration, though, are really her students. She is grateful everyday to be able to share her love of the practice with others.

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