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Day Yoga Studio Dayton

Day Yoga Studio strives to provide quality yoga instruction in a green and eco friendly facility.  The sustainable cork floors in our studio are from trees where the bark has been shaved off the tree and the tree remains standing and doesn't need to be cut down. Besides being eco friendly the floors are perfect for yoga being durable, cushion-like and naturally antibacterial.

We heat our HOT Yoga classes with energy efficient radiant heat panels. The heat panels have been shown too cut energy costs down up to 60% and can be used in businesses and homes. Radiant heat is also perfect for HOT Yoga because it doesn't utilize forced air making it a more comfortable and hygienic heat source to practice in.

We clean our studio with natural cleaners that are plant based, biodegradable and don't release toxic chemicals into the air. Our floors are cleaned with our own solution using essential oils and is naturally antibacterial and make our studio smell great! In addition we use a solution for our mat cleaner in each studio made from water, lemongrass and sweet orange oils.

Ready to Take Your Practice to the Next Level? Learn About Our Teacher Training Program

Teacher training is not just for teachers! Anyone who wants to deepen their practice and knowledge is invited to apply.