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Nichole Moorman

Before Nichole knew the word "mindfulness" she was practicing intentional, moment to moment awareness when long distance running with her cross country team and when alone and with no other choice than to feel strong emotions. Growing up in a hard working family with its fair share of problems, and later making her way in the professional world, Nichole has many times felt trapped, overworked, and overlooked because she didn’t have tools and guidance to understand and express her lived experience into skillful, sometimes bold action.

She began dabbling in contemplative practice in the early 2000s, first taking up yoga, and then discovering the balm of mindfulness and meditation practice. Nichole has worked as a mental health professional since 2005, training extensively in trauma informed care and integrating mindfulness into her work with clients. She operates a small private practice specializing in helping those who struggle with stress, anxiety, depression, and trauma (big or small) to quickly connect with internal resources and gently untangle sources of stress. She honors the role that awareness and internal resources play in any process of healing or self development.

Nichole Moorman is a Qualified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Teacher.

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