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Christopher Sove

Christopher Sove, RYT-200, is a yoga and meditation teacher focused on helping students bring body, mind, and emotions into balance, leading to greater peace and life-satisfaction. A former attorney, he understands stress’s substantial negative impact on human beings, and every class he teaches–from the gentlest restorative practice to the most vigorous power class–is intended to address the imbalances inherent in our modern world and bring peace to body and mind.


Christopher loves to explore yoga with a beginner’s mind, playing outside tradition to discover new, effective, and fun ways to bring movement to the body. He has a history as a long-distance runner, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner, and skateboarder, and his yoga teaching is informed by the wide-ranging needs of athletes of all types.


As a meditation teacher who both provides instruction and leads guided meditation, Christopher’s greatest joy is seeing bliss and openness in the eyes of students, knowing they’ve realized the peace that’s always just a breath away. He also has experience teaching meditation  to the next generation of yoga teachers in yoga teacher training.   


Yoga has been a part of Christopher’s life since the early 80s, when his mother started taking yoga classes at the local YMCA and brought asana home. During the most difficult times in his life, yoga brought comfort and stability in the midst of upheaval. Now, a full-time yoga and meditation teacher who has left behind the corporate world, Christopher is pursuing his life’s work, showing others that there’s another way to live.

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