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Aromatherapy Certification Program Level III - Online

This training is open enrollment meaning you can register at anytime! All training hours take place online.

A total of 300+ hours (Including level I and level II training) to gain Level III certification, as a Certified Clincal Aromatherapist. Training is conducted by Elizabeth Hulsman, a Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist and level 3 member of NAHA.


Course Overview

Our curriculum includes activities, videos and books, as well as hands on training for case studies that will enhance your experience and intuition as an aromatherapist. Students receive manuals and written work, in addition to classroom training. We will cover a variety of topics relating to aromatherapy, essential oils, science and business:

Essential Oil Study

History of Essential Oils

Safety and Contraindications

Methods of Extraction

Quality of Oils

Blending Techniques

Methods of Absorption

Anatomy and Physiology

Advanced Pathophysiology

Carrier Oils

Methods of Application

Consultation Skills

Alternative Medicine

Business Skills


Essential Oil Chemistry





Become qualified in the therapeutic use of essential oils, to help individuals on their healing journeys

Obtain a clear understanding and knowledge of what essential oils can do and what they cannot do.

Gain confidence in using essential oils to help people improve their health.

Develop a career in aromatherapy or enhance your current career through using essential oils ( a great addition to massage therapy, yoga, healthcare, teachers etc.)

Understand the intuitive and energetic nature of essential oils and create blends that help to balance difficult emotions and process trauma.

Consult with clients, evaluate their emotional, physical and spiritual needs and choose effective essential oils with confidence to support them.

Learn how to create blends and the science behind how and why they work.

*Students must complete a level I and level 2 training to take this course.


Upon completion of the program students may:


Develop a new career in aromatherapy.

Enhance an existing healthcare practice through the use of essential oils.

Use essential oils for personal growth, self care, and alternative medicine.


Graduates of this course have the option to go on to own essential oil retail businesses, web retail stores, therapeutic product lines and holistic and alternative medicine consultation services.

Classes are hybrid and may be completed at your own pace within 1.5 years (there is a monthly fee that applies after 1.5 years). Seventy five hours of training are completed through webinars. Recordings are available to those unable to attend live. Each month there are additional optional live hours available to meet and discuss the training with Elizabeth and peers. There is an adjoining facebook group, where students can further connect. The remaining twenty five hours of training are completed in person with Elizabeth, these hours are set individually based on your availability. This apprenticeship style training begins after you have completed the first seventy five hours and passed the adjoining exam. During these hours of apprenticeship, you will work with and see clients to complete case studies, with Elizabeth’s guidance.



This training is open enrollment so you can register anytime. 

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Cost: $3,999 pay in full or $4200 for payment plan (non-refundable deposit reserves your spot). 


*There is a $190 non-refundable deposit built into the cost of this training. There will be no refunds once the training has started. 

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