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Kristin Luna Ray

The Alive Musical Yoga Journey is a unique and transformational yoga and musical journey. Through an original choreographed yoga practice, weaving sophisticated asana sequencing, heart opening movement, intentional mantra and breathwork, the BVP creates an unforgettable transformative practice like no other.

The Alive Musical Yoga Experience (AMYE) is an experimental and innovative project focused on exploring and integrating the power of asana, music, mantra, and movement.Over the past 3 years, the AMYE has consisted of its founder Kristin Luna Ray (KristinLunaRay.com) and her husband Joshua Canter, in collaboration with various musicians and teachers throughout the United States and Costa Rica. Luna, a recording artist, kirtan leader, and inspirational singer-songwriter, is also a devoted yoga practitioner and teacher. Through her moving and inspirational lyrics, which have been the foundation of her work, along with her understanding of both music, sound vibration, and yoga, she has developed a model with the AMYE which has unique and diverse qualities compared to the average live music with yoga class.

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