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Brandy Erazo

Brandy has been practicing yoga for the past five years. Her journey began by chance when a friend invited her to try a yoga class. The class proved to be a life changing experience. Yoga has provided a grounding force in her life, shining a light in areas that once seemed too challenging to face. Through continued practice her journey led her to teach. In 2010, while raising a family of seven, navigating through the challenges of being a military spouse, and pursuing a degree in education, an opportunity to become certified as a yoga instructor became available. She currently holds a 200 hr as well as a 500 hr certificate from the International Yoga Institute in Virginia Beach. She has had the honor to practice with Patricia Lovitt, Grand Master Adam Nguyen, Sri Dharma Mittra, and Lilias Folan. Sharing her love of the practice has been and continues to be a sincere blessing.

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