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Krista Colter

I began practicing yoga in 2010, and noticed how it provided an outlet for me (physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually) for the stressors of daily life. I decided I needed to undertake a deeper study of yoga so I began my yoga teacher training.  I completed my RYT 200 at Day Yoga Studio in Dayton, Ohio, under Devon Schmidt.  As a special education teacher for the past 14 years, I have noticed that children are more stressed than ever—as are adults.  While teaching elementary aged students, I began to incorporate principles of yoga, breathwork, meditation, and mindfulness into the daily schedule as a way to center, calm, and focus students. I was amazed with the results; I observed improvements in student relationships, their ability to self-regulate their emotions, as well as an increase in students’ attention and stamina. I am passionate about sharing my love of yoga with both adults and children, because I believe in the mind, body, and breath connection and having a healthy outlet for life’s stressors. In addition to being a life-long learner of yoga, meditation, mindfulness and its many benefits, I received my Childlight Yoga & Mindfulness Certification in 2019, as well as my certification in Restorative Yoga from Day Yoga Studio.

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