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300 Hour Advanced Training

300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training


300hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

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Day Yoga's 300hr Teacher Training (300 additional hours to add to the 200hr) is an advanced program designed to be flexible so teachers with busy schedules can learn at their own pace, choosing workshops or mini-trainings that fit in with their needs and focus.  The program is on an open enrollment and students can sign up at anytime during the year.  For most if will take about 2-3 years to complete but it's possible to complete sooner.

This training is for those who have previously completed a 200hr certification at Day Yoga or another Yoga Alliance recognized school, and will allow students to focus on specific areas of yoga of particular interest to them.  Prior to beginning, enrollees will meet with the program coordinators to discuss options and design their own track of study.  Some workshop/training topics that trainees can choose from include: Anatomy, Philosophy, Yoga Therapy, Pranayama, Meditation, Aromatherapy and Yoga, Prenatal, Reiki, Kids, Laughter Yoga, Acro Yoga, Business of Yoga and more.  Trainees also have the option to attend the annual Day Yoga Costa Rica retreat in February and count some of the hours towards the training.  Please note that although the retreat can be counted towards the hours that there is a seperate additional charge.

Our excellent local and nationally recognized teachers and faculty will ensure that each student receives an advanced level of knowledge and furthered understanding of the specific areas they’ve chosen to study.

Devon Schmidt, owner and founder of Day Yoga leads both the 200hr and 300hr programs. Some of our guest teachers and programs include Kristin Luna Ray, Richard Rosen, Max Strom, Deven Sisler, Katy Stahl, Brian Kest, Sadie Nardini, Roger Cole and many more. Find out more about our guest teachers here.



Completed a 200hr teacher training at Day Yoga or an equivalent at another school.



~Trainees must complete all contact and non-contact hours to receive certificate. 

~Attend the three day retreat that is offered yearly at no additional charge. Our yearly Costa Rica retreat could also count but there is an additional charge. 

~Five karma yoga hours. Karma yoga is selfless service. For example helping out at a shelter, teaching yoga at a free community event, etc.

~ Five assisting/observing hours with designated lead trainer(s).

~Five practicum teaching hours either scheduled at the studio, subbing or another location with the designated lead trainer(s) present.

~Final practicum- Teach a themed workshop that is a minimum of two hours in length with the designated lead trainer(s) present.

~Read "The Journey Home" by Radhanath Swami, "The Bhagavad Gita" and "Teaching Yoga" by Donna Farhi and write a two page reflection paper on each.  



$250 non-refundable deposit due with application that goes towards tuition

$4900 if paid in full

$5200 if on payment plan. Payments will be spread out monthly over a 2 year period= $206.25 X 24


To Enroll

$250 deposit and enrollment fee due with application.  Once your application and deposit are received, a meeting will be set up to discuss focus areas and schedule your year ahead.

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