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Meet a Teacher - Alison Heacock

How did yoga become part of your life? What led you to a devoted yoga practice?

My first experience with yoga was as a gym class my junior year of college. I earned a college credit but also gained a new form of movement I had never before experienced. Over the next 10+ years I took open studio classes occasionally, but it wasn’t until my sister in law recommended a YouTube yoga channel that I really started practicing regularly. I also found a prenatal yoga program that really helped me through 2 pregnancies. I was hooked, and I have never looked back!


What has surprised you about your yoga journey thus far?

I never imagined when I signed up for Yoga Teacher Training that I would be making it my career. Learning about the deeper philosophy of yoga, as well as the breath practices, has been transformative for me. I realized I didn’t want to continue in the stress-filled career I was in, and now I am making yoga my full time career!


What is your favorite style of yoga to practice and why?

I love to practice slow flow Vinyasa the most. I enjoy the linking of breath with movement and moving purposefully through a sequence. I especially love to sink into a pose for several breaths. Having time to make tiny adjustments to my alignment and really feel the pose and my breath is magical to me.


What activities outside of yoga do you also enjoy?

I love spending time with my husband and 2 daughters. I lead 2 Girl Scout troops and volunteer in our school and local community. I also enjoy reading, cooking, and traveling.


Do you have a favorite mantra or wisdom that you find especially useful?

“Meet and honor your body where it is today.” This quote embodies one of the most important things I want my students to get out of their yoga practice. To accept that some days, for example, your tree pose may mean keeping both feet on the mat. Letting go of what it looked like yesterday or what it may look like tomorrow, focusing on this moment, and how your body feels, that is yoga.


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