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New Year, New Studio

Vandalia Yoga Studio

A new year, a new studio, a new city! Has it really been three years since Day Yoga Studio opened up in a tiny little space on Brown St? Who knew then that our community would grow so fast, first into a new larger space down on the corner, and now northward to Vandalia? But thanks to our fantastic teachers and students, that's where we are now in this year of 2014.

Even though this has been one cold winter, this was certainly a “hot” year for us. Our new radiant heating systems has turned our yoga room into a virtual prana-oven, cooking the stress of daily life away. If the external heat isn't quite your thing then try out some of our other classes to build that internal fire. Deep Release, Ashthanga, Vinyasa Flow are just a few of our non-heated offerings.

This past year also saw us spa-ing out, expanding the Day Yoga Spa experience to include new massage offering like Thai Yoga Massage and Hot Stone, as well as mani/pedi services for those neglected nails we all get sometimes:) And Stephanie in the Skin Suite has been working her magic just down the hall. If you haven't seen her you owe it to yourself to give her a call.

What else to expect for the future? Be on the lookout for exiting guest teachers (Acro-Yoga anyone?), a 500 hour teacher training program (coming this fall), and new classes and series out the wazoo! Oh and a brand new rockin' website, which if you're reading this you've already discovered!

We're glad you've decided to join us on this yogamazing journey we're on as together we keep our eyes firmly on the path toward the goal of staying firmly on the path!

Peace Out Yogi's!
Devon Schmidt, Owner of Day Yoga Studios

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