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February 2017

Meet a Teacher: Bronwen

How did yoga become part of your life? What led you to a devoted yoga practice?

My mother introduced me to all of the things that are important to me now, like dance, art, music and yoga. We used to do yoga together when I was little, and then I got more into it in high school and college. When I started teaching belly dance at Day Yoga Studio, I was able to take class more regularly and go much deeper into my practice. I found that it helped me feel so

much better physically and emotionally. 


Meet a Teacher: Leona Banks

How did yoga become a part of your life?  

Yoga became part of Leona's life when she threw her back out rocking her daughter when she was 4 months old and Leona knew she needed to make some changes. Yoga was the only exercise that she enjoyed and was able to stick too. Leona begun her yoga practice watching YouTube videos for almost a year and then her first class at a studio was in the Day Yoga Teacher Training 2014 


What do you think are the biggest misconception people have about yoga? 

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