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Meet a Teacher: Alia Sove

How did yoga become part of your life? What led you to a devoted yoga practice?

After sporadically practicing yoga as a college and law student, I returned wholeheartedly to yoga in the midst of seasonal depression in December 2020 with a Winter Solstice class. At the time, I felt disconnected from my heart and body. Hot yoga helped bring me home.

What has surprised you about your yoga journey thus far? 

I never thought I would become a yoga teacher! After one hot class, the teacher asked if I signed up for teacher training and that was the push I needed. Looking back, yoga has opened so many doors for me. Without it, I would have never quit my corporate lawyer job, met my husband, or started our monthly kirtan at Day Yoga! My yoga journey started with asana and has expanded to literally every part of my life. It's the most beautiful surprise imaginWhat is your favorite style of yoga to practice and why?


What is your favorite style of yoga to practice and why?

My first yoga love was hot power yoga and it's still my favorite style to practice. It is by far the most transformative for my mental state. I love how the intensity of the practice alchemizes my vata energy from anxiety into physical and mental strength. Over time I've started to embrace subtler asana practices like yin and gentle, which invite more meditation and stillness.


What activities outside of yoga do you also enjoy?

I don't really consider any activity to be outside of yoga... but I love singing, dancing, chanting, playing guitar and harmonium, hiking, cuddling with animals, orca watching, cold plunging, breathwork, homebrewing kombucha, nurturing my divine feminine, and making art.


Do you have a favorite mantra or wisdom that you find especially useful?

Surrendering to what is in the present moment allows me to detach from the past and the future, to release suffering and open my heart with love to the soul(s) in front of me. My favorite mantras are "Om" and the Hail Mary.


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