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Meet a Teacher - Krista Colter

How did yoga become part of your life? What led you to a devoted yoga practice?

Yoga became a big part of my life about seven years ago when I stepped into a studio for the first time. As I learned how to breathe and flow, I felt an overwhelming since of peace and stillness. Before yoga, I was always on the go and my mind was constantly racing with ideas and plans for the next best thing. 


What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about yoga?

I think the biggest misconception that people have about yoga is that you have to be flexible, strong, calm, balanced, or spiritual to practice yoga. Rather, yoga is a practice and safe space to be anything you want to be without judgment or competition.


Name 3 non-negotiables in your life.

3 non-negotiables in my life are spending time with family and friends, spreading kindness, and helping when you can.


What is the pose that challenges you most? Why do you think it challenges you?

One pose that is very challenging to me is wheel. I think fear has a big role to play in this, but I will keep trying till I get it.


If you had to pick one mantra to share with your students, what would it be?

One of my favorite mantras is So Hum or I Am because I think it helps you to connect to your inner self and it invites in confidence, strength, balance, power or anything you may need more of in your life. 


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