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Arm Balance Immersion

July 20 to July 21

If you had a super power, what would it be? Mine would be flying!! Join me as we learn just how closely arm balances and flying are related!! These gravity defying poses test our limits and often help us to face our fears with grace and eloquence!

Arm balances are postures that allow us to build internal as well as external strength all while showing us more possibilities than we may have imagined! Mind, body, and spirit are challenged to remain present while facing seemingly unattainable stability! Let’s create space for growth by challenging ourselves to try something new! Whether you’re new to arm balancing postures or you’re looking to expand your repertoire, this workshop will present the skills necessary to feel confident and safe practicing!


From: 9:00am - 4:00pm

This weekend workshop will include a warm up flow each morning! We’ll focus on posture specific drills and progressions before we begin step by step breaking down one posture at a time! As we practice entry & exit strategies, modifications will be included as well as prop use to support you as you learn foundational awareness! Anatomy specific cues as will be offered to guide you as you navigate each posture as well as time for Q & A after each new pose! Each session will conclude with a mindful cool down and a well deserved Savasana!


Day one will focus primarily on core awareness and building strength and stability within to support basic arm balancing postures as well as more advanced!

Crow & its many relatives

Scale pose & variations

Side plank



Day two will continue to build on the core awareness from day one and expand from the basic poses to those that are a bit more dynamic!

Firefly low & high

Flying splits 1&2

Flying pigeon




Cost: $179 for both days OR $99 for each day. Day Yoga members receive 15% at the checkout. 

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