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Meet a Teacher - Erin Hammons

How did yoga become part of your life? What led you to a devoted yoga practice?

I started doing yoga with my sister as a way to get in shape before her wedding.  I fell in love. I became more and more devoted for many reasons;  it helped me unwind, breathe better,  helped me focus,  and so much more.  


What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about yoga?

The biggest misconception I feel people have about yoga is if you can't do what people are doing on social media then don't bother.  Yoga is so much more than a pose. While of course its fun to do those poses you are not less of a yogi/yogini if you cannot. 


Name 3 non-negotiables in your life.

Three non-negotiables in my life are to travel and explore, spend time with family and friends,  and everyday take some time for myself. 


What is the pose that challenges you most? Why do you think it challenges you?

My most challenging pose depends on the day and what is going on. My 3 most consistently challenging poses are wheel, camel, and chair pose. Wheel and camel are both back bends that require an open psoas, mine are not.  That being said somedays that's all I want to do. Chair pose has a lot to focus on and depending on where my head is during practice it can be extremely hard. My students would say that chair pose is my most favorite. However,  it's my one of my favorite to teach because it is one of my least favorite poses to do. 


If you had to pick one mantra to share with your students, what would it be?

"I am mine" would be the mantra I would share with my students.  It's helped me in my life since before I found yoga.  As long as I live life being myself and not changing to be liked by people I can and will be happy. 


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