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Meet a Teacher - Jimmy Walters

How did yoga become a part of your life? What led you to a devoted yoga practice? 

I was trying to get back to my old weightlifting days to get back in shape and lose weight but rushed into it causing some injury. After being diagnosed with sleep apnea and suffering from anxiety and depression i found yoga due to its ability to be gentle but also helpful at the same time as well as the mental benefits. I made a new year resolution to try a 30 day program i found online and actually stuck with it! I eventually made my way to studio classes and had some of my online friends recommend i’d be a good teacher and that’s when i entered teacher training and the rest is history!


What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about yoga? 

I believe many people don’t realize that yoga is for all shapes and sizes. They research it as I did and come across these amazingly fit people and think “there’s no way i could do that.” But you totally can! It’s not about touching your toes it’s about what you learn on the way down. 


Name 3 non-negotiables in your life. 

1. Family is definitely key for me, i've been fortunate enough to have an amazing relationship with my family throughout my whole life; they’re my best friends. 

2. Happiness because life’s way too short to be anything else. you’re going to have your down days but tomorrow is a new beginning. 

3. Perseverance; no matter how hard things may become, you have to be prepared to give it your best on the mat and off of it. That’s when the good stuff happens, when you overcome a challenge.


What is the pose that challenges you the most and why? 

Bakasana or the infamous crow pose. When i began my yoga journey i came across this pose early and was intrigued by it. I’ve actually been able to land it a few times but haven’t been able to keep it consistent...yet . Boy when you do fly in it, it definitely is an incredible feeling!


One mantra to share with students:

“Be brave.” Whether it’s with a difficult pose or something in your life that scares you, face that fear because that’s where the sweet stuff happens. You’d be amazed what you’re capable of when you get that fear out of the way.  



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